About Us

Marne Semick, CEO

Marne is the founder and CEO of Online Media Diva, Inc. and is supported by a dedicated staff of five ad operations people, four writers, and one photographer.

After 7 years of buying and selling online advertising for other companies, she decided to take her expertise in digital marketing, combine it with her passionate client advocacy and start her own successful company. She threw into the mix her natural bossiness and uncanny ability to juggle multiple projects and the result is a one-stop marketing powerhouse.

After forming Online Media Diva, Inc. in 2005 Marne began building a team of top industry professionals who share her exceptional vision for the online advertising space. Marne’s reputation has been built from a foundation of outstanding customer service and results-driven campaigns that deliver impactful outcomes.

Prior to assuming the chief Diva position Marne led the industry for over a decade in revenue generation for top publishers and agencies including: Wieden+Kennedy, Go2Net, InfoSpace, and Keyword Marketplace. Now Marne brings her widely respected experience and deep understanding of online marketing to Online Media Diva customers, helping them generate revenue through the best online media channels.

Gigi Semick, Security & Office Explorer

RIP 2002 – 2016

More than just being soft, sweet, happy doggy, Gigi was a top-notch explorer with tons of experience under her belt!Marne Semick

Since moving to the Hermosa Beach office, she put her skills to the test. Fearlessly she entering other offices in the building to meet our new neighbors and diligently report back to us. Gigi had shown off tremendous leadership skills with a solo trip downstairs, through the parking garage, and across the street to the coffee shop where she eagerly awaited head scratches from coffee goers.  She will be missed.


Sammy Semick, Explorer Emeritus

RIP 2003 – 2015

Sammy Semick, the original Office Explorer changed her residence to heaven earlier this year. While she was with us she inspired us with her connections, made us laugh while she frolicked in the waves, and protected us from squirrels and other dangerous rodents. Her beautiful brown eyes will be deeply missed but her spirit lives on in the lives she touched. Rest in peace, lovely girl!

marne semick